Top Tips for Car Booting
There are plenty of well-seasoned car boot sellers out there, but for those who are selling at a car boot sale for the first time, the following tips may be helpful:

Top Tips

  • Bring your own table – a trestle table, wallpaper table, plastic garden table or other that can be folded into your car is ideal! If not, try using boxes stacked to display your goods.
  • Make sure that items are clean and in working order.
  • Please make sure you bring your rubbish and unsold items home with you – we have no means of disposing of any debris left after the sale – thank you!
  • Bring large sheets of plastic or bin bags that you can open out to cover your stall in case it rains.
  • Save paper and plastic bags for purchasers to put their goods into, if possible.
  • Some of the plots at Raheny Car Boot are within the car park and some are on the grass – if you prefer the hard standing area, please arrive early!
  • Wear comfortable shoes and a rain mac!
  • Estate cars, with a liftback, are ideal for car booting, as you can sit on the boot during quiet times.
  • Otherwise, you might like to bring a fold-up chair for comfort.
  • Sometimes, there will be a lot of people trying to see your saleables when you arrive at first. Please be prepared for the ‘rush’. It may be useful to bring somebody else along to help with the set-up, or indeed all day!
  • Pricing items with an easy sum, such as €1 or €2 makes it easier to sell and easier to give change.
  • Bring lots of one and two Euro coins and five Euro notes – we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide change to stall holders.